On the Oct 2nd, we invite you to take part in
Make The Change Day

What Are The Changes You Want To See In The World?

What Are You Willing To Do, And Who Are You
Willing To Be To Help Make Those Changes?

An initiative to helping make the changes
we would like to see in the world

The Challenges Are Many...

...And so are we

One person did not make the changes he wished to see in the world...

..it took a SHIFT in MASS consciousness

Together Everyone Achieved Miracles

It's all about creating RIPPLES in mass consciousness Through ACTION & Social Media

How YOU Can Take Part


Give out 'Make The Change' awards, and Thank You cards to people you wish to acknowledge...

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Perform Acts of Kindness and inspire others to do the same. Download our list of suggestions for idea...

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Make The Change by Taking Up A Cause Action
Take up a cause and/or start an initiative with neighbors, friends and/or associates in your neighborhood

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Why Gratitude & Kindness?

Make The Change Day is not just about taking action...it's about HOW WE CHOOSE TO BE while we are taking action.

It's about helping make the changes we would like to see in the world... WITHOUT losing ourselves to the causes with FEELINGS of sadness, anger, frustration, hate, etc!!!

This is done by coming from a state of being grateful for what you have, acts of kindness.

1) Make The Change with Acts of Gratitude

"no one has ever ever come to the police station to thank me for the work we do..."

– Chief Inspector Reddy, HSR layout Police Station

Think about all the people you wish to thank for helping make the world a better place, or simply people you wish to thank for making YOUR world a better place:

  • Family & Friends
  • Colleagues
  • Teachers
  • NGO Workers
  • Volunteers
  • Doctors & Nurses
  • Police Officers
  • Traffic Police
  • Fire Men
  • Armed Forces
  • Lifeguards
  • Security Guards
  • Maid
  • Street Cleaners
  • Gardener
  • Farmers
  • Artists & Authors
  • even Mother Nature...
Give out

Make The Change Day


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to download Make The Change Day Certificate.

Or make your own
Thank You Cards or
Peace of Hearts
To give out to those
Who are helping
Make The Change

2) Make The Change with Acts of Kindness

Touch, Move & Inspire people with Acts of Kindness.

Can be as simple as a smile... they can be performed at home, for strangers, for non-profits...

Kind Acts You Can Perform:

A few suggestions

  • Smile at people.
  • Lend a helping hand.
  • Help an elderly neighbor.
  • Volunteer at an NGO.
  • Give FREE Hugs.
  • Visit children living at an orphanage.

To download list of suggested Kind Acts you can perform

Click here

3) Make The Change by Taking Up A Cause Action

The 3rd way you can take part is to take up a cause. Maybe it’s cleaning up a patch of garbage, make it’s cleaning a lake, park. Maybe it’s taking a stand against issues such as corruption, sexual abuse.

Ask yourself, what are some of the social challenges that you feel strongly about, that you feel you can do something about.


Register to take part, Make The Chnage Day

1) Register to take part

Are you ready to help Make The Change?

Simply register with your name and email to receive updates and suggestions

2) Spread the Word

Make the change is not about one or a few individual doing a few 'good' things. It’s about honoring a the power of mass consciousness, it’s about honoring the power of what is possible.

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3) Become A Change Champion

A Change Champion, like the name suggests, champions a cause, a project or a mission and inspires a team to collectively work to make the change.

  1. Select your mission (cause, project, initiative)
  2. Reach out to your friends, family, co-workers, organization members and form a team to take part together.
  3. Share your experience on our Facebook fan page.


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END OF DAY Celebration & Gathering is also being planned. Stay tuned for more info...

Together We Can
Make The Change
We Wish To See
In The World

Make The Change Day
Launched on: 2nd October 2013
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